HP Designjet 500, 510, 800hp_designjet_500

Common problems

Error 86:01 – Paper Jam

Wearing/worn carriage belt. On both the 24″ (A1) and 42″ (A0) versions of this series, the carriage belt starts to deteriorate leaving rubber debris inside the printer. This can cause a clunking noise and false ‘paper jam’ messages.
Another issue related to error 86:01 is a Dirty Encoder strip.

Error 11:11 – Trailing Cable badly connected or fractured.

Error 21:10 – Service Station failure.

Error 81:01 – Paper feed motor failure.

Error 02:10, 02:13, 12:11 – Carriage Assembly failure.

Error 03:10 – Power Supply failure.

Error 05:10 – (Only applicable to HP DesignJet 800 Series) Formatter failure. Usually a hard disk failure.

Blue handle breaking (Pinch-Arm Mechanism)

Print Quality issue including weak or missing print areas.