HP Designjet T610, T620, T770, T790, T1100, T1200HP T1100

Common problems

Error 47:01 – No Star Wheel movement due to failing star wheel Motor or gears.

Error 41:01 – Electrical fault or current limit in Media-Axis Motor due to paper jam.

Error 03:10 – With noise coming from the left side of the printer.Possible Power Supply fault.

Error 86:01 – Encoder strip dirty in need of cleaning or replacing.

Error 86:01 cont – Scan-Axis Motor failure (likely due to obstacles in the scan axis), worn/wearing carriage belt or failing/faulty Scan Axis motor.

Error 08:11 – Communication error between the Front Panel and the Main PCA.

Error 21:13 – Failing Service Station

Error 11:01 – Trailing cable fault due to fractures.

Poor Cutting mechansim – Cutter needs cleaning.

Noise from left side of printer – See error 03:10